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Wu -Tang Clan - Legendary Weapons CD

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Wu-Tang Clan - Legendary Weapons 
Compact Disc CD

1. Start the Show
2. Laced Cheeba
3. Diesel Fluid
4. Played By the Game
5. The Black Diamonds
6. Legendary Weapons
7. Never Feel This Pain
8. Angels Got Wings
9. Drunk Tongue
10. 225 Rounds
11. Meteor Hammer
12. Live Through Death
13. Only the Rugged Survive
14. Outro

Feel the raw energy of Wu-Tang Clan's hip-hop masterpiece, 'Legendary Weapons.' Brought to you by the RZA and core Wu-Tang group members, this album features dark, raw tracks produced by the RZA and members of Brooklyn-based band The Revelations, creating a powerful and unique sound. With its heavy dose of Ghostface Killah and detailed soundscapes, Legendary Weapons is an essential part of the Wu-Tang legacy. Released by MNRK Urban.

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